Meeting Changing Needs



The automotive industry is undergoing a digital transformation and Audi wanted to ensure that they were successfully digitising their processes and creating a robust platform for integrated premium mobility and digital services. This project focused on the key customer process of configuring a vehicle.


  • Understand the mental models relating to car configuration
  • Evaluate the current responsive car configurator on multiple devices
  • Assess the relative experience of a device specific prototype


We designed and executed a user research programme that built a deep understanding of the thought process that a customer goes through when configuring a car. This enabled us to define the users’ mental models, and represent these through affinity mapping.

The existing responsive car configurator was tested with users to understand whether this was intuitive, and how well the current implementation matched their mental model.

Finally, a new concept was developed and prototyped to match the customers’ thought process. We tested the prototype with users and the prototype was iteratively developed with continuous testing and user feedback.