Insight is central to enable great design. It allows us to develop a deep understanding of the design problem and explore ways to address it.

At the early stages of a project we use formative research to open up the problem area, discovering the user’s context and uncovering their needs, goals and behaviours.

As the solution starts to take shape, we’ll follow up with evaluative research, continuously validating and providing input to the UX design process. User testing is key at this stage, whether lab-based, remote on in the field. We also evaluate existing products and services to help you prioritise improvements to your existing experience..

At The UX Agency, we tailor our research outputs to meet your needs, creating a range of deliverables to aid understanding and maximise engagement for your organisation and users.


  • Ethnographic Research
  • User Interviews
  • Global User Research
  • Persona Development

  • Diary Studies
  • Card Sorting
  • Lab-Based User Testing

  • Eye Tracking
  • In-Field & Remote User Testing
  • Heuristic Evaluation / Expert Review
  • Task Analysis
  • Accessibility Audits