Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic_Research.pngThe UX Agency is a research-driven team of senior and highly-talented practitioners. Using rigorous and creative customer-centric research techniques, we build a deep understanding of your customers and their relationships with you.

Ethnographic research is one of the many methods we use to develop our understanding to give us the richest possible level of insight about your customers.

Opportunities to grow, uncovered

Given our experience we’ve developed several observation-led techniques to elicit the richest and most valuable insights. These gathered insights reveal unmet needs and opportunities for product differentiation. By observing user behaviour in context, and collecting artifacts and observations we are able to document the participant’s activities, environment, and behaviours from which insights and opportunities are uncovered.

When to conduct ethnographic research?

Ethnographic research should occur early in the research and design process. It should be used when a user’s environment is an important influence on the design.

Before the interview, we produce a ‘discussion’ or ‘topic’ guide to ensure the interview stays on topic and covers points from an unbiased, neutral perspective. During the session, we use open questions to prevent ‘leading’ the participant. Interviews are conducted where the participants feel most comfortable. We aim for their most common place of work, usually at their desk.

What are the outputs of ethnographic research?

We document with photographs and notes and aim to observe user wherever they are interacting with the system. It is important to see the user in context. Our outputs are actionable and tangible; enabling you to move forward, faster.

Why the UX Agency?

The alternative to The UX Agency’s approach to ethnographic research might be to use remote, unmoderated studies. Whilst unmoderated research provide a lot of a value for a relatively small cost, we believe that ethnographic research goes a level deeper to uncover truly actionable insights that will de-risk your decision-making, help prioritise features and drive strategic product decisions.

If you’re interested to learn more about how we could help you with ethnographic research then get in touch at or call us on 020 7947 4940.